Saturday 27 November 2021
10 reasons to use iScen
  • 1Replace classic PowerPoint-based training sessions with interactive and immersive games to motivate and engage today’s learners, who grew up playing video games.
  • 2Simulations and games allow the learner to retain 90% of the content, compared to 50% of what we hear/see and only 10% of what we read.” Excerpt from Edgar Dale’s cone of learning theory.
  • 3Create an interactive game for short or specialized training sessions for which creating a serious game would usually be financially impossible
  • 4The ability to change a game scenario at the last moment to adapt to a specific audience or unexpected demand.
  • 5No need to depend on the person or company who originally created the scenario, with the possibility to change or develop it by yourself, without the help of a computer technician.
  • 6Create multiple variations of a scenario in order to fine-tune it to different learning profiles
  • 7Allow your created scenarios to be shared with other users, earn income by selling licenses, or take advantage of scenarios created and shared by other users and experts
  • 8Create a network-based multiplayer game in just a few hours!
  • 9Use a tool that focuses on new multimedia, communication, and mobile technologies.
  • 10Use a powerful tool at a price that is affordable even for occasional use, thanks to the time-credit principle that allows billing for the tool based on the usage time.